Namur (Québec)

List holding the motto:

"Unis pour le progrès - Progress together - Ad unum progressus facere"

Integrated symbols

They underline abundance and the heritage of Namur.

1. The five tour crown recall the first pioneers from Namur in the Kindom of Belgium, in harmony with the five needles of the centenary acronym, at the centre of the coat of arm.

2. On the right, the French unicorn, linguistic affinity of Namur.

3. The third quarter with firtrees bordering the river underlines the double forestry-tourism vocation of La Petite-Rouge to Chutes Minées from lake Jaune to lake Colibri.

4. The bucksaw represents the determination and the ability of the first settlers to build a local economy based on the forest industry and transportation.


As a tributo to the presbyterian origin and to the creation as early as 1879 of the St-Paul United Church of Namur, the list recalls and integrates the union symbol of the motto "Ad unum progressus facere - Unis vers le progrès - Progress together."

The support

Black limbs and foliage of the green leaves of the white oak serve as support to the ecu and the list.

The colour

Green ("sinople" in heraldic language) is suitable to the combination of yellow (log and lion) and blue (unicorn and waterfalls.

Proud of its traditions, heritage of its settlers and the determination of its present population, the municipal corporation of Namur accepts and publishes its official coat of arms submitted to us. :

La Société de création et de recherches artistique de l'Outaouais